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Hayley’s Beauty Boutique



Hayley’s Beauty Boutique came to us in need of a brand new website that their clients could use to find out more about their business.

Their requirements were simple: a nice-looking site, simple, clean and easy to navigate. We started work right away in order to help Hayley’s Beauty Boutique get the website they were looking for.

After offering a range of options and designs, we settled on one design which suited each of their needs, built on WordPress, our favourite platform.


Keeping the site simple, whilst informative was our main focus when creating the website. We needed to keep in mind that a beauty boutique is promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and a whole-body refresh, and we wanted the website to reflect this straight away.

To do this, we created a large, rolling banner image with images corresponding to the colours of the logo and leaflets, as well as including colours which had a nice contrast to stand out. Each slider has its own hyperlink to the desired landing page to navigate the user quickly and easily. The large size is broken up by a slight cut-away at the bottom of the slider, to attract users to scroll further down the page – because there’s more to see…

To ensure that we maintained the simplicity and simple navigation of the website, we used specialised icons to reflect each of the services within the services section, as well as linking them through to the desired landing page. As well as this, we introduced two extra banners which allow users to go straight through to the booking page with just one click, and testimonials just below.

Hayley’s Beauty Boutique’s Services Page continues the theme and design to maintain consistency across the entire website, and to ensure clean transitions between webpages. This page includes each of the services that the beauty boutique offers, as well as showing interactive sections such as the slider at the top of the page.

The slider allows the user to view each of the brands and cosmetics which the boutique uses. They can then venture further down the page to read more about the services in detail. As well as this, we integrated the price list as a PDF format for users to view and download at their pleasure.

Having a testimonials page only seemed right since Hayley’s Beauty Boutique received so many fantastic ones! So why not show them off? Since the testimonials and reviews are often short, we integrated CSS animation into this page, in order to make it more eye-catching for the users.

Their “Contact Us” page consists of a built contact form which has been integrated into their website design. This contact form allows users to send their message requesting their booking with Hayley’s Beauty Boutique.

Including their social media profiles in the footer of their website is equally as important as their contact page; this allows users to click through and be quickly directed to the social media pages associated with Hayley’s Beauty Boutique.