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Meet the Heroes

A small but perfectly formed team of superheroes

Looking to find out about the superheroes behind the scenes here at Super Digital HQ? Well, below you’ll see the bios of our main team members, be able to read about their experience and exactly what there super powers are.

Chris Derrer

Managing Director

Chris is the guy who started Super Digital… now it may sound like something out of a film, but it all started with a dream. Tired of working for “the man”, Chris had a dream one night that he ran his own digital marketing agency where they did things the RIGHT way. A place where creativity was encouraged, a place where clients needs were the top consideration and a place where he could allow others to grow and hone their skills. He even dreamt up the name – Super Digital!

A self confessed comic book and superhero geek (hence the name and company logo), Chris loves digital marketing. Fully trained across all disciplines, he can turn his hand to anything, from web design to copywriting and SEO, he’s even a dab hand at social media (this guy is a meme machine) and email marketing!

Since graduating from his Masters Degree, Chris has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and businesses to improve their online presence. But he still gets super excited about the prospect of helping startups become multinationals!

Adam Carr

Head of Design & Development

Adam has years of experience as a website wrangler and loves nothing more than making the internet pretty.  Degree qualified, with speciality in both user experience design and web development, he combines two worlds to bring you a website to impress your clients and friends alike.

With experience working with multi-national clients and startups alike, and having designed and developed for both Web Apps and Websites, Adam has the capability to make your vision a reality.

A huge DC Comics fan, in his spare time Adam helps run the website for the UK’s largest DC Comics fan site, helping him gain even more experience with Web Development and UX.

If you want a design that is both pretty and usable, and development that is sensible and secure, then Adam is the perfect hybrid of the two!

Ryan Dakin

Digital Project Executive

Ryan is forever playing with technology and learning new things.

A self confessed digital nerd, Ryan taught himself how to design and build websites when he was 12 years old. Ryan has lots of experience when it comes to working with multinational and local businesses alike, so you’re in more than safe hands when it comes to planning out your digital project.

Here at Super Digital, Ryan helps manage all of the websites we build, plans out projects to ensure your digital project is on track and even does the odd bit of design now and again.

He’s well into his festivals and like the majority of the team, he’s big into football. He’s also a massive Spiderman fan.

…but who isn’t though, right?

Daniel Barlow

Web Developer

Daniel is a bit of a philomath…he just loves to learn!

An avid watcher of documentaries and videos covering everything from sports to history, psychology, programming and more.

The reason he became a web designer and developer is because it combines his love of design and his problem solving ability… Or maybe, it might have something to do with getting to drink lots of coffee and listen to music while working!?

Outside of work hours, Daniel can normally be found in front of his speakers in constant search of new music… or on the odd day that he isn’t feeling musical, you’ll find him out in the countryside taking arty photos of anything vaguely pretty.

Super Digital New Member Olivia Ives as Digital Content Executive

Olivia Ives

Digital Content Executive

Olivia is the newest addition to the team and is our Digital Content Executive. Olivia specialises in all aspects of Digital Marketing and is tasked with managing everything from social media, pay per click, email campaigns, search engine optimisation, copywriting and more!

When she’s not busy working her socks off, you’ll find Olivia either exploring the great outdoors or playing with her family dog, Tommy.


Office Dog/In House Maniac

We think every good office should have a pooch.

Archie is ours and he is a 6 year old Patterdale/Lakeland Terrier cross, which means that he’s bags of fun and has endless energy but also means that there’s a good chance you’ll hear him barking or squeaking one of his beloved tennis balls in the background of every phonecall!


Sorry in advance…