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Google Shopping Campaigns Vs Google Search Campaigns 

Google Ads when implemented correctly, can see a huge ROAS (return on ad spend) for a business. However, it can also see a business practically burning their budget each month as they don't understand what it is, or how to correctly use it. The main two campaign types we are focusing on in this…

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4 Superpowers You Need to Become a Digital Marketing Expert

In this current day and age, digital marketing should be an essential part of your business. It allows you to grow your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. Here at Super Digital, we have provided effective digital marketing solutions to many businesses across social …

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Social Media Marketing: Our Top Tips For TikTok Marketing

We’ve put together our top tips for marketing on TikTok, to help you get started and hopefully make it feel a bit less overwhelming.

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What To Expect From Your SEO Agency

An SEO agency will have the specialist knowledge, as much time as you need, and will most likely cost less than a new hire. But how do you choose the right agency to work with your business, and what can you expect from them? Read More

Social Media Marketing: Our top tips for Instagram marketing

Let’s be honest, your social media marketing toolkit wouldn’t be complete without Instagram. Read our top tips for marketing on the ‘gram.

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How your website design impacts your SEO

Did you know that your web design plays a part in how well your site ranks on Google? Read on to find out more…

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Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?

In short – yes!   Social media is an absolute beast. You don’t need to be told that – you've seen it. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter – social media is everywhere. Every other person you pass in the street has got their head down looking at their phone, over £3bn is spent on…

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How often should I post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin in 2022?

It is a grey area for marketers when deciding how often to post on social media. So if you are sat asking the question, ‘how often should I post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in 2022?’ Super Digital are here to help save the day! Does how often you post affect engagement on…

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How to Measure Brand Awareness & Ways to Increase it!

Brand awareness is crucial for almost any business to build and grow. Brand awareness is essentially, how well you have built your brand and if people recognise your company and branding. This links to metrics such as the business name, colours, logo and style of your content. There are many ways…

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Why Is Blogging Important – 6 Reasons to Start Blogging

Blogging is a feature that has been utilised by marketers for several years. It is a crucial step in a business’ strategy that if implemented, can really lead to success online. If you are asking how and why blogging is important for a business. Here are 6 reasons to help you understand why…

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Canva vs Photoshop

Ever wondered which graphics software is better? Canva and Photoshop are both super valuable platforms when it comes to content. But which is right for you and your business? Canva is beneficial to everyone whether you’re an experienced graphic designer or work in marketing. It’s helpful…

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Keeping Your Feed Fresh – 7 Social Media Ideas

What’s the hardest part of running any type of social media campaign? Creating super content, keeping your feed fresh and making sure you’re posting on the channel that’s right for you! THE RIGHT PLATFORM Some businesses have the misconception that to reach a wider audience, they need to…

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