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Park View Community



Park View Community came to Super Digital in the hopes of a website which relfected their day centre and community activities perfectly.

They wanted to maintain their colour palette which is shown throughout the webpages on the site – these are bright and lead the eye to interesting parts on the site. We took this as a starting point, then designed a new logo and worked down from there.

We built the site on WordPress as it perfectly fitted their requirements.


They needed their site to include all the important information that users are often searching for combined with images of the users of the centre and their activities – having it all in one place will save precious time for those finding information and contacting the centre. We have used a large font size throughout the website to cater to those with visual impairments and other learning difficulties, to help them make their way through the site and find everything that they were originally looking for.

Their homepage is split into four sections which each flow nicely to eachother. These include the sliding banner, an about section, activities offered, and a contact form at the bottom of the page. Each featured section contains Park View Community’s colour scheme which reflects the ethos of the centre. Bright imagery has also been integrated to ensure that the users’ eyes are always being drawn to the webpages.

We have also integrated Google Maps into their website to help people find their way there straight away. The map will redirect the user through to a page with the Park View Community address, along with the directions from their current location.

This will be good for those on the move, as the Park View Community is now mobile responsive; meaning that people can use it on their smartphones and tablets.

Having an accessible website for all users is so important in the current age of technology, as people will be using different devices in all locations – therefore having a website that is easily accessed and simple to use will be appreciated by the user.