Why Is Blogging Important – 6 Reasons to Start Blogging

Blogging is a feature that has been utilised by marketers for several years. It is a crucial step in a business’ strategy that if implemented, can really lead to success online. If you are asking how and why blogging is important for a business. Here are 6 reasons to help you understand why writing blogs is valuable to an online business…


1- Increase Traffic to Your Website

Blogging is a great tool to increase traffic to your website. With a well written blog, containing optimised keyword driven content, titles, meta descriptions and more, there’s a decent chance you’ll start to show up in search results when people search for terms related to your blog, increasing traffic to your website. If you are unsure on what SEO is, check out this blog that explains what SEO is and the benefits it can provide.


2- Help You Advertise Your Brand

When you write a blog, it is important you are creating relevant content that is genuinely helpful to the reader. If your content does not provide this, they won’t keep coming back. Around 80% of companies prefer to have advertisement in a series of articles and blogs as opposed to a traditional buy now agenda. That is why creating blogs is a creative way to reach your audience without forcing products and services into their face.


3- Attract New Clients

Another reason why blogging is important is because it allows you to attract new clients to your products/services. When you post a blog with great SEO it allows you to reach more potential clients. Then once you have attracted them onto your page, they have the option to navigate through your website. This will mean they know you, and will be more likely to buy from you or use your services in the future.


4- Keep Your Social Media Followers Engaged and Interested

Blog posts are a great way to keep your social media following engaged and interested in your content, if they can see relevant blog content being posted they will be more likely to engage and read your content, then you must keep them hooked in to carry on reading! The average person spends 37 seconds reading a blog post, so keeping them engaged is where it can be tricky.


5- Allows Followers to Share Your Content

Another great bonus from blogging is that it allows people to share your content across social media platforms. Whether it be to friends and family, or for business purposes. This is why it is best to create evergreen content. Which means content without an expiry date. This content means people could be searching for this kind of content years on and they can still stumble onto your page and find it useful.


6- Blogging Can Build Trust on Social Media

The final reason on our list is creating blog content is a great way to build trust on social media. If you are providing consistent content that is reliable and valid, people will begin to trust what you publish in blogs which then allows you to build a bigger trust and following on social media platforms.


There we have it! These are just 6 of reasons as to why blogging is important for a business, however there are many more! We understand to start writing blogs can seem a big task and very overwhelming. That is why here at Super Digital, we specialise in providing business’ with kick-ass content and supreme SEO. If you would like to find out more information. Feel free to check out our website.