7 Spooky Marketing Ideas For Halloween

It is almost that time again, Halloween. We all know about the excitement of this time of year. The children dress up and go door-to-door looking for treats, and we all get creative and show off our pumpkin carving skills. But you’re not here for that, you are here for some wicked marketing ideas for Halloween…

Well here’s how you can use this season and all its fun-time potential as an opportunity in advertising, outreach or promotion.

1. No Tricks Only Treats ?

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Halloween marketing this year! You can integrate treats into emails and on your social media accounts, to offer them as incentives. Whether it be a 10% off discount code, 1 month free to your service, or free shipping for your products, offer people an incentive to want your products/services as well as keep on top of the trending topics.

2. Create Spooky Social Posts ?

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by being creative and coming up with some puns alongside new content? Check out our screenshot from a GIF we posted last year, where there is a zombie hand emerging from dirt followed closely by “Need A Hand?”.

Marketing ideas for Halloween

3. Run a Work Competition ?

An easy way to get your team to do a fun activity and create content around this is to run a work competition. That can be a pumpkin carving challenge, a best-dressed challenge, or a completely new and creative idea that you come up with, just make it Halloween themed! Then make sure to post the final results and create polls, a knockout tournament until you are left with a winner or any other way to encourage engagement.

4. Time To Get Creepy ?️

Another great idea is to decorate your office. Add spider webs, pumpkins, dim lights, and anything else you want that is spooky looking! It is a great way for your team to have some fun, and it also makes for a great Instagram story and/or TikTok too…

5. Don’t Forget To Decorate Your Digital Home (Website) ?️

Why not add some pumpkins, skeletons and all other eerie things you can think of to your website? We try to come up with unique and creative ways to do this, as you can probably see by the floating ghost to your left right now! It is a great way to keep on trend and keep your website fresh when people come onto your site. Another great idea is to update your social media profile pictures and cover photos. Here was ours last year!


6. Create a user-generated competition ?

If you have a big enough following or an engaged audience on social media, then another easy idea is to create a user-generated competition with a hashtag. Creating something as simple as “Post your best office Halloween decorations”, or “dress your pets in the scariest outfits” and letting your audience know you will share the best ones, is a great way to get people involved and engaged on your social media accounts. Just make sure to create a unique hashtag so that it isn’t one that has thousands of posts already, keep it #niche.

7. Get ahead of the carve ?

Finally, create your own blog just like we have done! You can offer your own marketing ideas for Halloween, ideas on content creation and also give your team some opportunities that will keep them engaged in different activities. You are best off doing this throughout the month of October and getting ahead of schedule so that when it comes to the final week of October you are not running around and stressing trying to create all these things at once.

Or of course, you can get us to do these things for you… Whether it is emails, social media content, blogs or any other marketing content seasonal or not, we can help. And we promise not to play no tricks… Or not many anyway.