How to Measure Brand Awareness & Ways to Increase it!

Brand awareness is crucial for almost any business to build and grow. Brand awareness is essentially, how well you have built your brand and if people recognise your company and branding. This links to metrics such as the business name, colours, logo and style of your content. There are many ways to measure this and countless ways to increase it!

According to studies by Influencer Marketing Hub 2021, 90% of brands top priority is to build brand awareness!

So now let’s find out how to measure it!

Check Your Social Media Platforms

One way to check your brand awareness is to check your social media following and engagement. Most of the major platforms have pretty decent analytics and tracking built-in now, use them to see which posts perform the best and use this info to create more and more content based on what works! You also want to make sure you are targeting the right audience as if you’re not doing this, the quality of your content is irrelevant. You could be selling the best beer in the country with amazing content but if you’re marketing them towards cyclists aged 16-21 then you are not going to see many results. You can also engage in social listening, using tools such as SEMrush or Sprout Social, which allow you to see whether people are talking about your brand, without tagging you and if they are… what are they saying?

Find out how you rank on Google

One of the most important ways to measure brand awareness is your ranking on Google (and the other search engines, meh) Finding where you rank for keywords on Google (assuming you use SEO – if you don’t then you need to start) is a great way to see how well these brand-specific keywords are performing but also to see how you can improve and climb up these rankings! Even if you don’t want to invest in expensive SEO tools, use Google Analytics and Search Console to find out what people are searching to find you. This is a good base to create new content based on these keywords and others related to that search term.

Look at Website Traffic

Leading on from Google rankings is website traffic. This again will depend on the success of your SEO as well as your social media and other marketing activity, but this is a great way to measure your brand awareness. Using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, you’ll be able to track exactly where your traffic is coming from, even down to specific social media posts, email campaigns or search queries from Google. If you have a high number of viewers and it is at a consistent rate, then it is a good indication that you are doing something right!

How to Build Brand Awareness

So now we have explained how to measure it, let’s move on to how to increase it. Here are a few different ways to build brand awareness:

  • Have a clear style and colour theme for your branding.
  • Improve your SEO to increase your presence on Google.
  • Post high quality and consistent content on social media to increase engagement and reach.
  • Run ads on social media to gain a much higher reach than you would from organic posts (make sure you target the right people)


Brand awareness should be a priority for any business to increase it! However, if you are a company that needs a little bit of help with doing this, that’s where Super Digital can help! There are many ways we can help you. Whether it’s blogs, social media presence, web development or any other services we offer, we can help! Please feel free to contact us!