Coronavirus and the impact on Marketing

The on-going coronavirus pandemic is impacting every part of our lives, but what impact has COVID-19 had on marketing? Well, here’s just a few focus points to put things into perspective…

1. UK online sales increase by 32.7% ?

Although a lot of us have been conscious about how much we’re spending, online retail sales have jumped by 32.7% YoY in May – the highest increase since March 2008! As you can probably guess, the main growth was in the DIY and home and gardening sector with a rise of 162.2% YoY.

The online market is expected to grow 56% by 2020, with other traditional markets only expected to experience 2% overall growth during the same timescale. So, what better time to start your ecommerce business?

2. #ShopLocal – three in five UK consumers favour local shops during lockdown ?

Here at Super Digital, we much prefer supporting local businesses where we can. In fact, 59% of UK consumers have shopped local in order to support smaller businesses during this difficult time – especially when travel was a no, no.

Meanwhile, one in five have actually stopped purchasing from a brand altogether due to their response to the coronavirus outbreak – e.g. not providing PPE or safe working environments for their employees etc.

3. UK retail prices drop by 2.4% ?

In May 2020, product pricing across the UK retail sector dropped by 2.4%, the largest monthly fall since 2006 – our social media feed was filled with discounts galore. In an attempt to encourage customers to reignite their pre-coronavirus spending, non-food retailers dropped their prices by 4.6%.

4. Ring, ring – mobile reaches 51% share of total display ad impressions ?

Up three percentage points since the start of the pandemic, mobile has now reached a 51% share of total display ad impressions. However, total mobile ad spend has fallen by 15% since the start of the outbreak compared to desktop ad spending, which dropped by 25% during the same time frame.

5. Facebook daily active users increase by 11% ?

Facebook’s Q1 results for 2020 has shown an increase in its DAU’s of 11% YoY – 1.7 billion. Its monthly active users saw a similar growth of 10% – 2.6 billion. In a recent blog post, Facebook stated that voice and video calling across Messenger and WhatsApp has more than doubled, with messaging increasing by more than 50%. Do you use social media for your business? If not, now is a great time to do so.

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