Super Digital




To develop a new eCommerce website for WildWoman. WildWoman is an online crate subscription service, which provides three options for monthly subscription, based on the theme of the month. For example August 2019’s theme is ‘happiness’ and so the boxes then reflect the theme by including various products and relevant literature sourced by WildWoman’s founder Donna.

WildWoman’s new website design was done by Donna’s best friend and creative Nicola. Nicola provided designs of all pages and even some mobile responsive designs which kept in tune with Donna’s brand, which flows through many platforms.

However the vision needed building, that’s when Super Digital stepped in. WildWoman had a site previously hosted on a crate platform called ‘CrateJoy’. We needed to create a seamless experience when moving the site to its new platform, for both Donna and her existing customers.


Once the designs were good to go, we started building WildWoman’s new site. We went back to what we’re experts at, WordPress. The new site needed to be responsive across all devices providing a seamless experience for all users on all devices, allowing anyone to order from anywhere.

WordPress’s versatile platform meant that we could utilise one of the best most used eCommerce platforms on the market, WooCommerce. Woo Commerce has its own plugin platform meaning we could integrate Stripe as the payment gateway. Stripe’s payment gateway is a simple yet effective way to allow customers to purchase products from your site. We also implemented PayPal secure checkout for those who prefer to use PayPal to pay for items online.

The core of the site comes down to users being able to set a reoccurring subscription, starting off at a rolling monthly subscription to three months, six months and annual subscriptions. We had to come up with a plan that would allow us to continue those subscriptions already in place by existing WildWoman customers but also set up a water tight process for new customers who would be joining the WildWoman family. We also integrated a members area where users can update their membership options and payment information on the fly without having to contact WildWoman to do so.