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Border Collie Trust – Jolly Collie Christmas

A great result as far as we’re concerned and appreciate the work on our behalf.  

Ben – Border Collie Trust GB



The Border Collie Trust GB were looking to help raise funding during a slow Christmas period after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. They approached GivePenny who then put them in touch with us here at Super Digital! We discussed their proposal and they explained they need to raise money and awareness of their charity as income had decreased due the impact of the pandemic.


After an initial chat, we decided the best way forward was to conduct some social media adverts across Facebook during December of Christmas 2020. This meant we could market the social content for Christmas! We developed the idea and came up with the design and hashtag to encourage people to donate. We ran Facebook ads throughout December and linked to a GivePenny donation page to make it easy for people to donate. To target specific people we made sure to use Facebook’s targeting audience feature to narrow down our ads to people who are most likely to donate. Overall, in total we spent £250 on ads and raised a whopping £2,015, meaning the charity made almost a 10/1 ratio return on investment. This outstanding amount resulted in The Border Collie Trust GB raising far more than they expected, making it a successful Christmas.



  • Logo and graphics design
  • Concept design and process
  • Full automation of Facebook adverts
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Image design
  • Specific targeting