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Birmingham Net Zero

The website is looking great and just what we wanted. Love that you’re proactive with your emails too its just what we need as we are always so busy!
Dominic O’Brien – Birmingham Net Zero



Birmingham Net Zero’s mission is to reduce Birmingham’s carbon emissions and to make it a Zero Net city by 2030. Our mission was to help make this happen.

Birmingham Net Zero needed a brand new website to promote their new programme. They wanted a base to help increase awareness of their cause and a hub of information regarding their mission statement for supporters to read about.

They came to us without any prior website or designs, so with a blank canvas, we got designing to create an innovative and stylish website perfect for this environmental cause.


After an initial consultation, we designed the website so it would be responsive and functional across all devices. We ensured the ability to embed videos by dropping a video link into the backend of WordPress, so it was easy for staff to add videos independently. The flexible content editor we built also allows them to build pages quickly and easily in their own time. We understand how important it is for clients to have control over their website so we made it possible for them to add a parallax background via the backend with no knowledge of code needed. Building their website like this allows for Birmingham Net Zero to have full control of the site even after completion, to ensure they can make any necessary amendments over time.



  • Easy to use, edit and update
  • Refreshed modern design
  • Responsive across all devices
  • Provided easy back-end administration
  • Content creation for relevant pages
  • Securely hosted with regular backups