We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this SUPER news… We can now say that we are CERTIFIED DOTDIGITAL PARTNERS! What does this mean we can hear you asking yourself – well, for starters, it means that we’re even more able to improve YOUR business’ online presence and digital marketing. Keep reading to find out how this works…

What is dotdigital?

dotdigital (no you don’t use a capital letter) is an email marketing platform that enables businesses to create stunning email marketing campaigns to be sent to their contacts. dotdigital’s system also allows you to create text messages, contact forms, landing pages and microsites… yep, pretty cool eh? It also allows you to be smart with your data, creating different contact segments which you can select depending upon what type of campaign is being sent; this ensures that it is only being sent to the right people instead of the old fashioned email “blast”. Sending marketing communications is a great way to get your business “out there” to people who are genuinely interested in what it is you have to offer them. The key is making sure the right content goes to the right people.

Why does my business need dotdigital?

The plain and simple truth, is that we think it’s just better than any others. It’s powerful, allows incredible levels of automation and tracking, reporting that is 2nd to none and it is much more cost effective than many of the bigger types of system. Don’t even say Mailchimp to us. The dotdigital software is organised, easy to navigate, and keeps up-to-date with GDPR laws which means there is less for your company to worry about when it comes to using consenting people’s data. dotdigital is one of the most used email marketing platforms within the digital marketing industry, meaning that agencies (like us) who are certified partners are able to create YOUR business stunning campaigns which are unique to YOU. You know why it’s one of the most used? ‘Cuz it’s the best.

Email marketing services

Email marketing and Marketing Automation is something that we believe every business should consider. There can be a campaign for almost anything! Got an event that you want to invite people to who live in a certain area? Send a campaign. Got some cool news or products you’d like your customers to know about? Send a campaign. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to turn visitors to your website into loyal customers who later increase your CTRs (click-through-rates) and Conversion rates.

Not sure what these things mean but know that they’re great things and your business needs them? Get in touch with our specialised email marketing team here. We look forward to hearing from you!