As we all know by now, Facebook bought the photo-sharing app Instagram a while back, and since then Instagram has become a bit of a beast for us marketers. Recently reached one BILLION monthly active users, he app has announced a brand new feature: Instagram Television. Or Instagram TV… Or IGTV!

So what is Instagram TV?

IGTV is Instagram’s new feature, that will enable anyone to upload longer videos any time. It will also enable users to upload and view videos to be displayed as full-screen or vertical, depending upon the way users naturally hold their phones. The Instagram Television section will feature video content from people users (me and you) that you already follow on Instagram (our favourite accounts) along with offering opportunities for advertisiers and publications to take full advantage too. It was also announced that IGTV is also going to be a standalone mobile application for users of iOS and Android to download. Here, videos will automatically start playing when the app is opened.

We Wanna Make People Famous!

Unlike on the normal Instagram app, video content won’t be limited to just 60 seconds. Instead, users can record and upload videos that are up to an hour long. Followers who are watching will also be able to comment on the videos and forward them on to their own friends. Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Systrom has said that Instagram wants to make it possible for ANYONE to be famous from Instagram TV – not just those with large audiences. So be ready to see us superheros prancing about trying to make some waves in the near future.

Show Me The Money

Starting to sound like YouTube right? Haven’t we all secretly dreamt of being made rich and famous from uploading pictures of our breakfast smoothies? Well, Instagram have stated that they are going to try to make this happen to the least likely of us. By least likely, we mean those of us who are relatively normal looking, rather than looking like supermodels. Instagram have stated that they are not immediately paying for any content on the TV app, nor will it start with any advertising. However, eventually it plans to make sure those who are making popular videos have a way to make money for their efforts… kinda how YouTube was a few years ago!

So why is IGTV happening?

Good question… and we’re not 100% sure of the answer right now, as it seemingly just looks like another way to offer people the opportunity to upload longer videos without these feature length clips bogging the social platform down. However, maybe Instagram have one eye on companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime where they hope to get exclusive stream only series on demand via their app? Facebook watch feels pretty similar to IG TV and as they’re essentially the same company, we’re just as curious as you as to what the plan will be with this new app moving forward.Many celebrities have already started to make use of Instagram Television, such as Kim Kardashian (obviously). We wonder whether IGTV is going to be a hit or just a flash in the pan and an experiment that doesnt work. Will Facebook Watch and IGTV ever be one platform? One thing is for sure, as a marketer, you’ll have to think of a way to get involved with all of these changes or face being left behind.If you would like to find out more about how we can incorporate Instagram into your business’ online plan, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with one of the social media marketing heroes – we always love a chat about all things social.