Should your business be on Tiktok?

For those of you that don’t know, TikTok was launched way back in 2014 under a different name was an application which allowed users to lip sync along to their favourite songs and upload them to social media platforms (mainly Twitter) it initially saw a surge of users join the platform in its first year but then as with most new apps it faded.

In 2016 it changed its name from to TikTok, as a rebrand to get the platform back up and running again. Unfortunately it never really saw a change, that is until its update in 2018. The app swung its direction into being an open platform, users could create short 30 second – 1 Minute videos on whatever they wanted and this meant that many big YouTubers and Influencers jumped on the platform to give it a go. With all big social media platforms, there’s usually a big bang of sorts, and this was it. The platform now has 1.5 billion users worldwide.

According to MediaKix in 2019 TikTok was the most downloaded app from the iOS App store surpassing 40 million downloads, in comparison, YouTube had 30 million, Instagram 27 million and Facebook 25 million. Main competitor SnapChat only received 15 million downloads.

So should your business be on TikTok? It really comes down to what your business does and if you can make GOOD quality content week in week out that’s engaging. Uploading a video each week with no real purpose will be nothing more than a waste of time for you AND your business. However, we do think most businesses with the right strategy could join TikTok and use it as a tool to improve sales/revenue. It’s just having the right content to put on the platform.

Informative videos about the industry you work in are a great starting point. But keep them light, entertaining and engaging, otherwise – you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

If your business is a bakery, for example, making cakes and daily routines are a great way to give potential customers insight into your business. Fitness instructor? Why not share some fun and free training tips/exercises… etc

Just like other platforms, you will receive likes and comments on the content you put out. The better your content, the more you’ll gain and the higher your exposure will be. Your audience is out there, you just need to reach them.

Maybe TikTok could be your chance?

Will you be joining the TikTok revolution?

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Source: Howfinity