Google Shopping Campaigns Vs Google Search Campaigns 

Google Ads when implemented correctly, can see a huge ROAS (return on ad spend) for a business. However, it can also see a business practically burning their budget each month as they don’t understand what it is, or how to correctly use it. The main two campaign types we are focusing on in this blog which are Google search campaigns and Google shopping campaigns. So first, let’s discuss what they are and what they both offer…

What’s the difference? ⚖️

At the simplest level, Google search campaigns are focused on keywords and text ads. Whereas Google shopping campaigns are based on products, product descriptions, price and images. But what does this mean for your chosen campaigns?

Google Search Campaigns – What are they? ?

As mentioned before, Google search campaigns are based on keywords and text ads. Keywords are essentially what people search on Google, so if you choose to bid on the keyword “solicitors services” then you will show up on Google for this search (see below). Now, of course, it isn’t this simple as there are several other factors that you need to consider when making your search campaigns, but that’s the idea.

Ways to increase your chances of running a successful search campaign ?

Keyword research – Google Ads has a tool for keyword research which lets you find relevant keywords for your industry, as well as view the monthly searches, the competition for this keyword and how much it would roughly cost per click (CPC). 

Separate ad groups – Depending on how big your budget is and how many different products/services you are displaying in your ads, you may want to break them up into different ad groups. This will allow you to create different ads and have different keywords for each ad group. Ad groups allow you to target a specific product/service and create a variety of them to make your ads for all products more precise and relevant for what the customer is searching for.

For example, if you sell sporting goods, you may want to separate your running shoes, women’s sports bras and sporting equipment so that your ad copy and landing pages will be relevant to what people are searching for. 

Incentives – Another great way to increase your success on Google Ads is to offer incentives and include them in your ad copy. Incentives like free shipping, 10% off first order, and next day delivery can all make you stand out from competitors and get you more conversions.

Google Shopping Campaigns – How are they different? ?

So that was search campaigns, but how are shopping campaigns different?

Well, Google shopping campaigns are displayed as an image, and then your product description such as price, reviews, special offers etc. For example, if you are selling red shoes and somebody searches for red shoes, they will see something like this (see below).

Now the ads work slightly different, as they aren’t made through Google Ads, it’s created through a feed from Google Merchants Centre, which is a whole different story to explain. But they are very effective because the customer gets to see an image, the price and any other special offer you may have available. 

It is very important that you keep your product feed accurate and up to date in the Google Merchants Centre with no issues as if there are any issues, your ads and your account could be suspended. 

Offering discounts, having high-quality images and making sure competitors aren’t beating you on price can all help you beat competitors when it comes to shopping campaigns. 

Which one is best for you? ?

In conclusion, these campaigns can both be very effective, and nobody can tell you which one is best as it depends on your industry and your market. When implemented correctly, users can see 4 or 5x returns on their initial investment – which many of our clients have in the past! (Not to brag). It is recommended you test both campaigns and different strategies so that you can find the best one for your business. It also very much depends on what you are selling as if it is a product, then a shopping campaign might be your best bet whereas if you are trying to advertise a service, then you would be best off with a search campaign.

Of course, there is a lot of leg work in these and the fear of chucking money at something you don’t really understand can be quite daunting. This is where Super Digital can help. We have years of experience in delivering highly engaging and successful Google Ads, so if you wish to contact us, we can help you deliver better results on your campaigns. 

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