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As you can probably tell, we love illustration. There’s something so much more personal about an illustration. Custom illustrations can really help to reflect your brand or business in a way that default stock images or graphics just couldn’t do. Take our superheroes for instance, would they be half as cool if we’d downloaded them from Freepik? No. The fact that they were created just for us, crafted by a skilled illustrator means so much more.

We are able to help you create custom illustrations for your business that can really make your digital presence stand out. Be that on your website, social media or in print!

As a hero-themed full-service digital agency based in the heart of the UK, we have our own hero mascots and even our own villains too. Creating characters helps make our brand more fun and relatable to clients. the integration of our logo and branding across various illustrations creates more exciting imagery across our website and social media, catching potential clients’ eyes.

UPVC-Store is a hardware store based in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands. They sell a wide range of DIY, house renovation products and equipment. We worked with them to create personalised characters that we later incorporated into their social media marketing, including seasonal variations such as Halloween and Christmas. to show their website on mobile view during the Halloween period we created a custom illustration of some zombie hands scrolling through the website on a mobile. We also created a tool shop illustration utilised again in their social media marketing. Additionally to promote their helpful blog we created a newsletter illustration featuring one of their blogs in a newspaper form.

TWS Contracts Ltd is a cleaning services company based in the South East of England. They provide a complete range of specialist cleaning services to business and private clients throughout the South of England. For TWS we created custom characters and also custom illustrations of settings which we can use the characters to correlate with the spaces that TWS offer cleaning services for, such as salons and gyms.

AKW Holdings Limited Group is a provider of accessible showering, general bathrooms, daily living and kitchen solutions. We work frequently with AKW, we often create social media banners and email banners integrating an inclusive range of characters in varied settings to meet the company’s requirements. For example, we created a website banner showing the return of face to face visits with clients post-pandemic.


Iconography is really important in the digital world today, as it allows us to signpost key information easily and say dozens of words without the need to actually say them. Having custom created icons, as well as graphics that are unique for you and your business can really make a big difference. Icons and graphics that are designed to fit your business, match your brand that really make a user’s experience on your website or with your digital communications are key for allowing you to communicate with your customer more effectively.

Using our own in house graphic designers we were able to produce a series of icons to display on our social media highlights for subjects such as design, about us, email, SEO, social media, websites etc. This made our social media pages clear, concise and easy to navigate while also fun and eyecatching.

Startup Smart create branding, logos and websites. We have a close relationship with this company and worked with them to create icons for their social media highlight icons where they can display examples of their work for categories such as design, emails, or other categories such as FAQs.

Rumhub is one of the UK’s favourite places to buy a specialist small-batch and independent Rum. We worked closely with Rumhub to build their website. when the need for icons came, we were able o produce our very own money illustrations to clearly illustrate the increase in prices of their rums with iconography, while also making their website visually exciting. We also recoloured map images of the various country silhouettes to illustrate the origins of the various rums.

During the Christmas period, we create a 12 day of Christmas Advent Calender for AKW’s social media platforms. Each Day had a different Icon sticker labelling the day and slowly peeling away when animated.



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