Super Digital

Lucy with a Why

These Super Digital guys are simply insane. The website they created for me is top-class on-brand brilliance, and I’m now, for the first time, proud to drive traffic to it. They take direction professionally, yet also contribute knock-out ideas that add such an exciting flare.
Lucy – Lucy with a Why



Lucy with a Why came to us to give her website a complete overhaul. Lucy wanted something fun, creative and most importantly stand out from the crowd. Lucy, quite rightly dubs herself as the “Personal Brand Provocateur” and with a strong following on social media she has built up it’s not hard to see why!


Lucy’s site needed to be built on an easy to use platform so naturally we went for WordPress to give us the flexability when designing but also future proofing the site for Lucy to continue using for a long time!

We also added in loads of fun animations, quirky testimonials and plenty of sass (there’s even a poo emoji) that was the dreamfit for the brand’s and Lucy’s identity. Lucy wanted a site that represented her, a fun and mischevious marketeer with a foul mouth… so that’s exactly what we gave her!

The site is fully responsive meaning you can view it on all devices from your phone to your PC. We also integrated Lucy’s mailing platform which is Mailchimp to the site to keep people up to date with her monthly “Amuse-letter” and allow people to book sessions with her by integrating with Calendly!