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Courtyard Wombourne



Courtyard Wombourne came to us with the need for a modernised website, that felt fresh and vibrant sporting the restaurant’s brand, but keeping it user friendly and easy to navigate for customers.

The old website was quite outdated, and Courtyard wanted us to give it a lick of paint and bring their website to life again.


Their old website was a Wix site, which although useable, didn’t have the image that Courtyard wanted to convey to it’s audience. We decided that WordPress would be the best Content Management System for this site going forwards, allowing easy administration for the owner’s at the backend, and allowing us to give them a website that their clients would be impressed with.

More importantly, this allowed us to create an immersive experience that allowed customers to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently.

The most important thing for customers is to be able to see when the restaurant is open, be able to easily make a booking enquiry and of course to also be able to easily view menus.

For this reason, we decided that it would be most efficient to have sticky buttons to the left and right for Opening Times and Booking Enquiry. This allows the user to make a booking and view opening times from any point on the website, even once they have scrolled down the page or clicked onto another page within the site.

Call-to-actions are an important part of a website, so we made sure that from the landing view on the homepage the user could easily access all of the information they required, without even having to scroll down the page.

This is also true on mobile, where all of the information is accessible through a handy menu button at the top of the page.

Mobile is an important point of development with many users now opting for the ease of their mobile phone instead of turning a laptop or desktop computer on. For this reason we needed to make sure that the website was optimised well for mobile phones and tablets alike.

From an optimisation point of view, your Google Pagespeed is one of many things that can impact your search ranking, something that we are wary of with every site we build.

With this particular site, we made sure that everything was cached and compressed, and that images were optimised and where possible serving as webp images rather than jpegs. Webp compresses images while loading them at the same quality, meaning that the website will load faster, without any impact on quality of the images!

We have created a website for Courtyard Wombourne that has great usability factors, a stylish and modern look, and is well optimised for mobile and pagespeed.

We were very excited to get the chance to work with The Courtyard Wombourne, and are very proud of the resulting website!