Facebook is making changes to help people who are most important to your business connect with you on your page. The plan is to include a few more of our business page’s favourite features, such as the range of services and to make them more prominent on your profile. Since there are over 1.6 billion Facebook users connected to a small business, there has been a dramatic increase in people asking for recommendations about where to eat, where to drink, where to go for a day out and where to shop – therefore the new changes will make these recommendations more prominent on their friends’ timelines.As well as this, the Facebook Stories from businesses will have increased visibility. People like to be able to do things quickly and easily these days. This means that when they want data, they can search for data and save the data as quickly as they possibly can in the least number of clicks. The new template has been designed to achieve exactly this!

Other new and enhanced features include…

+ The option to book appointments and make reservations within the page

+ Updated features to help businesses advertise job vacancies

+ A new “Browse Local” section of the Facebook app for people to find nearby businesses and events[vc_column width=”1/2″]

The new template is specifically for pages of businesses to help people get the information the need easier and faster.

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Relevant information, such as your hours, price range and recommendations will be prioritised so that your audience can easily take action (such as placing an order or contacting you directly).

What Facebook says…

Facebook are more than aware that their users are using their app more frequently in order to find out stuff they want to know, as well as understanding that their users are searching for these bits and bobs from all over the world – therefore they are:

+ Updating Pages – They are planning to redesign Pages on mobile in order to allow users to even make reservations for their desired restaurant through the mobile app!

+ Making recommendations from your community more helpful – They will be more prominent within your feed

+ Continuing to build events – Facebook have found that events which sell tickets through Facebook make 2x more sales than using a website alone

+ Expanding the Jobs tool to help more people find work – Always a good thing eh?

+ Taking steps to make finding a local business quickerPossibly in the future via a stand alone app which will be separate to the Facebook appIf you would like to find out more about how the new Facebook page templates will affect your business and how you can use these to enhance your social media presence, why not get in touch with our digital marketing superheroes today for a chat? We can tell you everything you need to know about the update – we can even do it for you!Please note: If you already have a business page set up, Facebook will automatically update your page layout on the 23rd August 2018 if you don’t apply the template manually. It’s definitely worth checking what Facebook THINKS is the best template for you, as it had got our Super Digital template all wrong… so better to check it now and apply the theme that works best for you.