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Seo SuperheroSEO, in the traditional sense, doesn’t really exist anymore. Any agency that tells you otherwise, is only after one thing and that isn’t your best interests.

Sure, you can optimise a webpage to be found by Google and of course you can go out and build links that point to that webpage. But there are two main problems with doing things this way:

Google is ALWAYS changing. This means that one method that works one day may actually be harmful to your site the next.

Google is cleverer than any of us. It cannot be tricked into ranking things highly (not for long anyway).

So why do we advertise “SEO” as one of our skills? Well that’s because we do SEO in the right way. We do it the honest way and the ONLY way that is guaranteed to work and be futureproof (basically meaning your site won’t get obliterated by an algorithm update)

The way we do it is by producing great quality content that is engaging to real life people, not just Google bots. We will research the most searched keywords that are relevant to your subject matter and build great content around those terms.

This method is tried, tested and proven to work – not instantly, but over time your webpages will become more and more powerful because they are natural, something Google loves almost as much as people.

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