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Ultimate Sports Nutrition

USN UK are market leaders in sports nutrition, they make only the best sports nutrition and offer up expert nutrition advice. USN like to make protein shakes, supplement kits, vegetarian supplements and protein and the odd protein bar… (Their flasks are pretty cool too). USN came to Super Digital in 2017 because they needed top quality content for their website. They wanted us to produce blogs for their website, to benefit their existing SEO strategy and to give more content to share on social media that would encourage click throughs.

Blogs & Content

We currently produce the informative and fun blogs that go live on the USN website. Although they are Ultimate by name and have quite a serious “challenge yourself” ethos, USN actually allow us to be very tongue-in-cheek with some of what we write, which is just the right tone of writing for all of us here at Super Digital! We aim to be informative et entertaining.

We get to take little digs at fitness myths, compile dynamic top 10 style lists, write about new sports nutrition arriving on the scene, benefits and drawbacks of certain supplements, it’s all in there somewhere! – This is perfect for USN too because they really are the brains to pick about fitness in the UK and it really comes across in this section of their website.

We continue to write several blogs a month for USN and we blummin’ love it!