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SW11 Coaching

Our Mission

To create a brand new website for a start up sports coaching company, following branding already created for SW11 Coaching. Steve the owner of SW11 wanted the following: 

  • A place for parents or students to book into one of the SW11 soccer camp sessions
  • Potential customers to see Steve’s qualifications
  • A place for testimonials
  • Responsive webdesign to view on all devices
  • Contact form for general enquiries

How we saved the day!

We built the site on WordPress our favourite platform, we decided to add a specific page with its own ‘bookings’ contact form so that users could fill out all the details required by Steve and the team. We also added a generic contact form for those general enquiries that they may get on a day to day basis.

We added a clear call to action to the top navigation so that users could quickly and easily find their way around the site. The site has also been developed in a ‘responsive’ manor so that it can work on all platforms and devices which is just what Steve asked for as he could now take bookings on the fly using a tablet or mobile device. 

“Really happy with the site that Super Digital created for my new company, would highly recommend!”

Steve – SW11 Coaching Founder