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Redwing Roofing

Redwing Roofing came to us with a website that needed some serious sprucing up – we have developed and redesigned their entire layout and implemented clever additional features and functions which have given the business a website to be proud of.

Previous to us using our super powers on their site, Redwing were faced with a website that they had no way of editing on their own – meaning they had no independence when it came to posting blogs or uploading other, various types of content. Thankfully, we came to the rescue! We offered to create a responsive design, built on WordPress, and offered them a superfast and secure hosting package. This now means that Redwing Roofing, can update their website and upload new content whenever they like, quickly and easily; saving them valuable time and money. This was possible due to the simple admin features that WordPress offers and the clean admin system we installed.

As well as this, we have redesigned the layout and structure of their website (see above). Instead of being unpleasing to the eye, and full of unnecessary information – their new website offers a breath of fresh air with its crisp, clear format and bright colours which enhance the prominent features of the pages.

Features & Functions of the New Redwing Roofing Site:

As we’ve explained… Redwing Roofing wanted a new website, that is easy to navigate and great to look at. We have added more prominent features to each of the landing pages within their new website, such as larger images with links, text, and bold background featured colours.

Therefore, we implemented super cool CSS animations throughout the landing pages. Using CSS animation not only makes the website easier to navigate, but it creates a slick look when interacting with the pages – instead of the traditional, static site. This has allowed us to develop and optimise each of the landing pages to look, and perform the best.

We have listed some of the most interesting new features below…

It all starts on the homepage, where we have included a hughe, full width hero banner. The hero banner automatically rotates with up to 6 images which show a range of high quality images. This allows the user to be introduced to the type, and quality of work that Redwing Roofing do. It is interesting to look at, and brings an element of uniqueness to the homepage. Redwing benefit from have a huge catalogue of images but have never had a good place to show them off… until now!

We have also implemented a carousel on their homepage, which automatically rotates and allows the user to view the products and brands which Redwing Roofing installs. This ensures the user that this is a reliable company, that can be trusted and uses the best products and materials.

As well as developing the homepage, we have also enhanced the case studies page to be more engaging and inviting. It is also now more organised and easier to navigate, due to the helpful breakdown of case studies which Redwing Roofing has been part of. We have done this by placing types of their work into various categories that users are likely to be searching for; making it simpler for them, and increasing the number of potential customers. This has been presented with smart and clean windows with red overlay (below left) and simle buttons to encourage click through to the new slick gallery type pages (below right).

One useful new feature and function we have included within their new website, is within their “Contact Us” page. We have integrated Google Maps into the page in order for users to physically see where Redwing Roofing is based, and how they can get in touch with them, or visit them. This is extremely helpful for visitors aiming to head to Redwing HQ, as it allows them to view the distance between them, and the company and click through to Google Maps and get directions using their mobile GPS.

Redwing use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote their business – so we have integrated their social media accounts into the website, linking them into the footer – making it much easier for customers, and visitors to see what the company are up to. It also provides a more relaxed, informal customer service option.


As well as making their website more funtional, stylish and relevant to the user, we have also included some behind the scenes technical SEO features new website. This included installing SEO Yoast, the most popular SEO tool available for wordpress which enables all content to be properly optimised for search. We also created a simple URL structure which allows clean and easily optimised page URLs and a stong internal linking structure.

Redwing Roofing came to Super Digital with the request of a new website that portrayed an approachable, helpful team who will always support their client. Whilst promoting their professional side, they also wanted people to understand that they are a fun, friendly company which has been shown through their new smart design, additional features, and helpful functions. View their website here.

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