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McAlpine Plumbing Products

McAlpine Plumbing Products are a family-run plumbing products manufacturer, based in Glasgow and they quite simply have a knack for quality with their products. McAlpine wanted to transfer the undeniable quality of their products across to the online market and grow their social media following. We created and now we currently manage all their social channels; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ and take their social media advertising duties on, creating engaging and professional content to communicate with tradesmen and retailers all around the UK (and further afield)

Now their social media following has vastly expanded since becoming a Super Digital client in august, going from having no Facebook page or interactions online to getting a page that is more deserving of the McAlpine name and an online following that is growing by the day. However, if you look at their social platforms, you’ll notice that not just your conventional product posts go on their social channels either, we’re always alongside them to create interesting content that will provoke positive reaction and interactions. We like to post polls upon their Twitter and Facebook where we encourage to react with different buttons or choices to give their opinion on the matter in-hand. We also like to join in with the classic tradesman humour and add jokes and funny memes whenever possible!