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MAC Physio & Pilates

Here at Super Digital, our aim is to improve the online reach and presence of all businesses – which is why we dedicate our time to designing incredible websites for your company, and creating great content to share. One of our most recent case studies is for MAC Physio. Keep reading to find out how we helped them!

We have created Mac Physio a brand-new website design on WordPress which is famous for its great admin features. We think that a website should be able to be edited at any time, both by us, and by the client themselves. Unfortunately, their old website was created on a software which caused them difficulty when uploading new content. However, we came to the rescue and introduced them to a world of independence and trust… Because of the simple admin features, Mac Physio are now able to upload new blogs, change images, and add other aspects, through a new, clear, initiative design; saving their valuable time and money.


BUT! It’s not just looks that are important – it’s what’s within that truly counts… in this case – SEO! Anyone who knows us knows how much we love optimising a website for search engines, including Google and Bing, which is why we thought it be only kind to enhance Mac Physio’s too! We dedicated plenty of time into devoted keyword research, and undertaking a full optimisation of their new, and existing content.

This means that when someone searches for Mac Physio on Google for example, it is now the first result! Result?! We have done this to show Mac Physio how simple it can be for customers, and potential customers to find them, as well as enabling chances of their website being included within other sites. The moral of the story : when done right, SEO raises your height (on search engines of course…)

Features & Functions

Their old website display consisted of dark colours, and painful-looking images which may put people off who are looking for important treatment. Mac Physio wanted people to feel comfortable coming to them, and to trust them, as well as navigating around their website easily. Therefore, we changed the colours of prominent features on their homepage, such as the text and background colours.

As well as this we have implemented a range of exciting features and functions such as CSS Animation, which creates a slick look when interacting with the site, rather than being faced with a standard, static site like their old one.

We have been able to optimise and develop their old homepage layout, without confusing frequent visitors – instead, they are now aware of Mac Physio’s new look, and are able to navigate their way around their new, interesting site much easier.

Allowing Social Media To Shine Through

We have also implemented an extremely beneficial feature onto their new homepage – we love social media, so we have made their impressive social media shine through for their visitors to view! The Mac Physio Twitter feed has been integrated which has a live feed, meaning it updates when new tweets are posted. Another important aspect which Mac Physio wanted to be included is their newsletter, but obviously… we took it a step further! We have created a “Subscribe” section on their homepage which enables people to sign up to their newsletter as and when they like to, AND we have integrated it with Mac Physio’s current Mail Chimp account which saves them lots of time!

One of the most important functions that we have enabled, is creating a new website which now has a responsive design. This means that the website can we viewed and used on a range of different devices, such as mobiles and tablets, as well as desktops.

It is extremely important to have a responsive website, since more than 60% of time online is now done through mobile devices

Mac Physio wanted a website which portrayed an approachable team who are willing to help and support the client. Whilst promoting their professional side, they also wanted people to understand that they are a friendly, fun company, and we have shown this through aesthetic, additional features, and helpful functions.

Each aspect of their new website design has been developed with intricacy and precision in order to reach MAC Physio’s dream site – if you would like to find out how we can develop your website, increase your online reach, and generate new income, Contact Us!