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The Label People

The Label People are a local business in Wombourne (justdown the road from us) who manufacture and sell signs and labels, including the bespoke kind. They came to us with a very busy website that needed some serious organisation and optimisation, as well as a range of social media platforms that needed some TLC. Thankfully, they came to the right people and the team of digital marketing superheroes here at Super Digital got to work straight away!


Search engine optimisation is crucial for a business such as The Label People, due to the high competition and niche audience there is surrounding the label and sign manufacturing industry. Therefore we needed to ensure that we had optimised each page for the best keyword or key phrase possible. This involved extensive keyword research, and implementation of this into the correct webpages. These webpages would then be ranked by large search engines such as Google to ensure that The Label People’s website (or specific webpages) showed up in the search results of users typing in keywords or phrases.

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

The Label People needed to give their social media some serious TLC – they had a limited number of followers and levels of interaction and engagement across their social media platforms previously, which required improvement. To do this, we created a whole new look for their social media content through some fresh content creation.

Their content needed to be recognised across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – it is important that this content is unified and follows a theme. To make this simple and memorable, we created a boarder which included The Label People’s logo that users would be sure to recognise.

As their engagement started to rise, we decided to start establishing their audience through social media marketing. To do this, we created specific audiences for different content on their social media platforms, which we then used when promoting content through Facebook. The Label People started seeing a dramatic rise in interaction, likes and visits to their website.

Since their current content was going down as a hit with their new audience, we started incorporating a new way of encouraging interaction on their social media platforms. To do this we found funny images of sign “fails” which their audience absolutely LOVED!

Their likes, comments, and shares increased rapidly, and we finally established a brand new audience for The Label People to make use of when marketing and advertising their products and services online.


To help with the new SEO strategy, we started creating and uploading more content to their website in blog form. The theory behind this was simple – more words and links relating to the previously researched keywords or phrases that users were searching for. As well as increasing their SEO score on their website, the blogs also acted as great content to share across The Label People’s social media platforms.

It is another piece of content that could redirect people to their newly optimised webiste from their social media platforms; therefore increasing their online traffic

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