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Inspire Afrika

Inspire Afrika are a charity organization and they focus their efforts on children living in Afrika, mainly operating within Nakuru Kenya. The charity focuses on establishing education and basic life necessesities whilst keeping the sense of closeness and community. Inspire Afrika consists of three, hard-working, selfless team members, each putting in the required effort (and more) to ensure education and a more than decent quality of life is established; Paula (a head teacher from a Birmingham school) and her husband (and classroom builder) Neil take many trips out to Nakuru Kenya, alongside children’s nurse Sallyann, to further continue their fantastic work for the children that would otherwise be in appalling conditions.

In desperate need of a logo and website, to promote their great cause and efforts online, Inspire Afrika contacted the digital marketing super heroes here at Super Digital, wanting the focus on their site to not only be focused on the kind-hearted nature of the charity, but also on the website aethstetics – they wanted it to look the part. We put together their new fantastic looking website and linked it through to their social media channels to promote it online. In order to reciprocate our thanks for their incredible charity work, we built the website completely gratis! We’ve also loved helping them produce flyers and programmes for their recent fundraising events!

If you would like to find out more about what we did for Inspire Afrika, or you would like to find out more about our services, why not have a chat with us?