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Dymphna D’Costa

Our Mission

Was to create a website for Dymphna D’Costa. Dymphna is a consultant, mentor and coach who helps people in both life and business achieve their goals and passions!

Dymphna had no online presence until she came to Super digital with an idea of a website in mind, it needed to have the following:

  • Responsive design to view on all devices
  • Simple to navigate
  • Be user friendly
  • Improve online presence
  • Include a way in which users could download a free guide and sign up to a mailing list if they should wish to do so

How we saved the day!

The super hero’s quickly took to designing and building a site which met all of Dymphna’s requirements. As Dymphna did not have an online presence previously the team used their creative mindsets to come up with a fresh, modern approach. While still keeping to Dymphnas brand guidelines.

Dymphna also wanted to grow a mailing list to promote top tips and news items in the future. The team seamlessly integrated this within Dymphna’s contact form which if someone selects ‘opt-in’ they will receive a free top tip guide which Dymphna has launched with. A clear call to action on all pages will help to achieve that goal.

“The quality of the service you have provided is exceptional and I will refer you as much as possible. A few people have already asked who created my website – for good reasons clearly!”