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ATAG Heating Technology

ATAG is a leading manufacturer in boilers and has been for almost 70 years. In that time, they have set the standards for energy efficiency and engineering of boilers, raising the standards around the world. ATAG were in need of a bit of a website overhaul. They wanted to take their ok-ish website and make it a real peach… so they asked us to help. ATAG’s website is a little different to most, in that they want to talk to 2 different audiences through 2 different user experiences – one for homeowners and one for installers.

As ATAG Heating Technology is a recognised name within their industry, they wanted to seem as trustworthy as they are in real life, on the web. This was something their old website layout and content didn’t really get across. Their online presence had to match their physical presence, which meant a professional, modern and clean layout with spot on content. We edited the layout and designs of all the key pages, updated wording, imagery and generally gave the whole site a bit of an overhaul to get it to the lovely shape it is in now!

Their content remained helpful but slowly became more and more interesting after a few re-jigs with the copy. We also re-worked their navigation to make things easier to find, always focusing on user experience (UX) along the way. There was a number of sections on both halves that would be useful to both sets of customers, but this content needed poresenting to the different audiences in different ways. Your average homeowner wouldn’t neccessarily understand the jargon that and installer would and an installer wouldn’t want things dumbed down too much either!

Technical support was also never too far away from our thoughts with ATAG’s site as we have transferred and produced sections for their manuals, reviews, support and contact information.

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