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Anchored by Unique Cruise

Unique Cruise approached us early 2017 regarding a brand-new business development within the world of cruising – welcome Anchored by Unique Cruise. Anchored was to be the first of its kind, and to be memorable at that! Luckily, Unique Cruise came to the right people… us of course! They needed specific target marketing, as well as some extreme social media creation, marketing, and optimisation in order to make the first ever Anchored 2017 the event it was hoped to be. But, the high pressure and fast approaching deadline didn’t faze the digital marketing superheroes here at Super Digital HQ, and Anchored 2017 became one of the most recognised events of the year in under 12 months.

What did we do? Well, what didn’t we do! Our main concern was to set up their social media pages which were to be dedicated towards the Anchored 2017 event, these included a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page, as well as creating a list of audiences that would be best to start targeting as soon as possible. We worked alongside the team at Anchored in order to create batches of stunning social media content which was posted on a very regular basis in order to start getting the event recognised across the United Kingdom, and Europe.

As well as social media, we also did a lot of work on their existing website, including integrating a video banner on their homepage and creating new pages for their lineups and the artists who would be performing at the event.

Since the cruise ship was set to sail the southern Mediterranean (makes you want to book next summer’s holiday, right?) we thought it best to start focusing the content upon the places which the cruisers were to visit – beautiful places like Santorini, Rome, Mykonos and many others. Soon enough, we started seeing thousands of likes, shares, and follows across each of the social media platforms which we set up and optimised for the event, as well as having it contribute towards the rapid outselling of the entire cruise ship.

What can we say? When you come to us for your digital marketing, the world is your oyster.