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KAPOW! for WordPress

Introducing KAPOW!

KAPOW! started out as a side project, as a way of enabling us to build really flexible websites for our clients… better AND quicker.

But as we started building and it kept evolving, we knew it had to be more.

That’s why, later in 2019 we’ll be launching KAPOW! as a downloadable WordPress Theme – so every business can download it and make use of it for building new pages and re-designing their existing websites, with or without our help.

For clients that wish to work WITH us to build new or improve on their current site, we can use KAPOW! as a foundation to offer quick turnarounds, incredibly flexible designs and super simple editing capabilities for even WordPress novices!

For now, KAPOW! is still very much in development, but if you’re interested in learning more… fill in the form below and we’ll come back to you.

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