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When it comes to marketing for charities, we can be your sidekick. Think of us as your charity marketing agency! Whether you’re after a campaign microsite or a social media takeover to promote your cause or charity event – we can help. We’ve got experience of the full digital marketing mix and can help you to get the most out of your campaign using years of experience and bags of creativity.

We are official agency partners of GivePenny, the well-established fundraising platform that has put a completely new twist on fundraising as we know it. GivePenny allows users to sign up and choose a charity of their choice, set a goal and share the link far and wide on social media and email. However! GivePenny has some powerful tools to help your fundraiser become much more interactive. With partners like Twitch, Strava, and Spotify to name a few it gives the fundraiser some other ways of generating the important funds for their chosen charity.

As official agency partners, we have exclusive access to their groundbreaking fundraising platforms, so we can help you build an online fundraiser and market it to the people who YOU want to support your cause. Read on for more info on some of the cool stuff we can help your charity to do…


As agency partners of Give Penny, we have all of the fantastic GivePenny tools at our fingertips to help your charity increase and acheive your fundraising goals.We can create a specific fundraising site which would be hosted and maintained by us here at Super Digital, for any campaign that you have in mind. We can then integrate things like Strava to track the miles your fundraisers are doing, Spotify so they keep motivated and raise funds one track at a time by using a clever API.

Boost your Charity through livestreaming! GivePenny integrates with all top streaming platforms from the gaming platform Twitch to Mixer and even YouTube. We can create custom overlays, donation buttons and you can track it all directly from your dashboard.

Let us help you to put the FUN back into FUNdraising.


If your charity isn’t yet on GivePenny we can still help! If you so wished, we can get you onboard in no time, to give you everything this fantastic platform offers, however because we handle everything our side you also get some fantastic benefits from using us to create your fundraising site.As a full service digital agency we have a team full of ideas and knowledge to boost your fundraisers online presence.

Our developers will be able to come up with out of this world ideas and our digital project team will guide you each step of the way to ensure your events hit the ground running and acheive the ultimate goal of donations to support your cause.

Speak to a member of the Super Digital team to find out more information on how we can help your charity!

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